Solar PV Installers
in Leeds and Manchester

Whether you are looking to save money, reduce the carbon footprint of your business or secure its future energy supply, REE Contracting Ltd meets your requirements. We install and upgrade solar PV systems for commercial and industrial clients in Leeds, Manchester and the surrounding areas, providing significant long-term savings. With the price of installation more affordable than ever, businesses of every size can benefit from solar energy and our specialist solar PV installers ensure you get the best solutions for your budget, space and needs.

Rising mains electricity costs and the decent roof space on commercial and industrial properties make a solar panel system a logical investment for companies and property owners looking to the future.

Surveys, Installations and Upgrades

REE Contracting Ltd provides complete solar PV installation and upgrade services for maximum efficiency. To assess the suitability of solar panels for your premises, we carry out a site survey to confirm the available area for the panels, the location of the inverter and where cables will run between the solar panels, inverter and distribution board.

We also identify if nearby trees or buildings will shade solar panels because this affects the amount of electricity a system will generate. 

As experienced solar PV installers, we supply and fit all solar panels depending on your preference and any limitations. REE Contracting Ltd is an accredited installer of GivEnergy inverters and battery storage, providing the highest quality installations. As well as fitting new systems, we also offer inverter upgrades if you want to improve an existing system.

With our PV installs, we sort everything, giving you a hassle-free experience. From scaffolding and roofers to the installation and commissioning of the panels, we provide everything necessary for seamless solar system delivery with minimal disruption. If you require, we can also provide full electrical installation services.

Why Invest in Solar Energy?

There are many reasons why investing in solar energy is the right choice for your business. The following are the main benefits our solar PV installers provide commercial and industrial clients in the Leeds and Manchester areas:

Financial Savings – In many cases, solar PV installations will pay for themselves within two years with the amount of free energy they produce. Providing a significant amount, if not all, of your energy requirements for free, solar panels will lower your demand for mains power, saving you thousands on energy bills. Furthermore, you can sell any surplus power to the grid.

Financial Stability – Energy prices continue to rise however, investing in a solar PV system now allows you to forward buy your electricity at a set price. This also makes financial forecasting much easier and can give you a competitive edge over other businesses that are subject to rising energy prices.

Lower Carbon Footprint – If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, generating your own solar energy is the way to go. A solar installation will increase your company’s sustainability credentials and improve your reputation.

Call the solar PV installers at REE Contracting Ltd on 07581 739569 for specialist solutions in Leeds, Manchester and surrounds.