Lighting Installation
in Manchester, Leeds and Surrounds | Meeting all Interior and Exterior Requirements

REE Contracting Ltd specialises in all aspects of commercial and industrial lighting. From external and internal to public and emergency, we supply and fit every type of lighting you require in Leeds, Manchester and the surrounding areas. Working closely with our clients and design team, we make the most of available space and ensure your lighting installation enhances your work environment.

Whether you want to improve productivity, create a more attractive space for employees and visitors or achieve a different objective, we ensure compete satisfaction. We are adept at designing, installing, maintaining and repairing lighting for all commercial and industrial sectors, including offices, warehouses, restaurants, pubs and apartment buildings.

Expert Lighting Design

When you choose REE Contracting for your lighting needs, you enjoy the benefit of a dedicated lighting design team. Providing bespoke designs for your building and requirements, we deliver the best possible lighting specifications for your project.

Taking the time to design your installation properly also ensures every aspect fits together seamlessly and meets the highest standards, whether you just require lighting or other industrial or commercial electrical services as well.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We install all types of indoor and outdoor lighting to suit the unique needs of your business. From low-brightness office lighting to recessed and energy saving lighting, we have effective solutions for all spaces and applications. Our lighting installation service includes:

  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • Switched Lighting
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Display Unit and Cabinet Lighting
  • Office and Retail Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Task, Accent and Ambient Lighting

To view examples of our previous lighting projects, please visit our gallery.

Emergency and Security Lighting

REE Contracting Ltd provides the advice and technical support you need to maximise safety and security at your premises. We install emergency lighting, including escape and standby lighting, in accordance with BS 5266, providing greater safety in the event of an evacuation or otherwise allowing operations to continue when the main lighting system loses power.

Our team also installs various types of security lighting to deter criminals and improve the safety of people on site. Popular aspects of security lighting installations include motion detectors, floodlights, occupancy sensors, tree lights and car park lights.

LED Specialists

We provide low energy, money-saving LED lighting solutions specially designed for commercial and industrial environments. We always advise our clients in the Leeds and Manchester areas to use LED where possible, due to the financial and environmental benefits, as well as minimal maintenance requirements. LED lighting is also a more attractive and higher quality option compared to harsh traditional lights.

LED lights use 50-90% less energy than other options, making them much more efficient. They also last up to 25,000 hours, saving you money in the long run. We supply a diverse selection of LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces and help you to find the right option for your business.

Contact REE Contracting Ltd on 07581 739569 for tailored lighting installations in Manchester, Leeds and the surrounding areas.