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Why Use a NICEIC-Approved Electrical Company?

Are you looking to hire a commercial or industrial electrician for an upcoming project in the Manchester area? When it comes to electrical services, you simply can’t compromise on quality and safety. While many aspects define a great electrician, you must take the time to choose yours carefully. This includes checking any prospective candidate’s credentials. In this regard, you should look for a company with NICEIC certification. You can rest assured, REE Contracting Ltd holds this industry-leading approval.

Of course, with decades of shared industry experience, our team also has the practical skills to complete all electrical installation, maintenance and repair work. We primarily fulfil commercial and industrial contracts, but also provide services in the domestic sector too.

In this blog, we look at why you should hire a contractor with NICEIC registration.

The Importance of Hiring a NICEIC Professional

What is NICEIC?
To understand the benefits that come with using a commercial or industrial electrician with NICEIC certification, it helps to understand who the NICEIC is.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is a leading certification and assessment organisation working across the UK’s building and construction sector.

Safety and Competence
As an awarding body, the NICEIC assesses electricians, ensuring they work safely and complete electrical installations to current industry standards. As a result, NICEIC certification provides you with extra peace of mind: our team has the skillset, expertise and training required to complete your work to optimal standards of safety and workmanship.

For further reassurance, NICEIC-registered contractors undergo regular assessment to prove the constant upholding of these standards.

Building Regulations Compliance
If your project in Manchester requires Building Regulations compliance, hiring REE Contracting Ltd simplifies the process. This is because commercial and industrial electricians registered to the NICEIC Building Regulations Scheme can self-certify electrical installations to the relevant Local Building Control Body.

This means you save time and money, allowing you to stay on track for completion on time and within budget.

Platinum Promise and Complaints Procedure
NICEIC registration also comes with the expectation that we will provide a quality service for every job we take on. Having met the qualifying criteria, NICEIC stands behind our quality. But they also want you as the consumer to have complete peace of mind.

This is why they provide the Platinum Promise. In short, if the results delivered fail to meet your expectations, and NICEIC agrees with your view on the standards, they will help to rectify the situation.

As a commercial and industrial electrician with a flawless reputation in Manchester and all surrounding areas, you can count on us to deliver results of unmatched quality first time, every time. All your electrical installations are in safe hands with us.

Call 07581 739569 to speak with one of our industrial electricians. We provide NICEIC-approved services in Manchester and all surrounding regions.