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How We Provide Complete Electrical System Care

Do you own a family or rental home in Manchester? Or do you run a business out of a commercial or industrial premises in the city? Whatever the type and size of your property, one of its most important systems is the electrical wiring. Your electrical installations cover everything from internal and external lighting to the running of appliances, including those that allow you to clean. However, your electrical system must be as safe as it is functional. While the quality of original installations is vital, so too is ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Our team consists of both commercial electricians and industrial electricians, but we also have the skill and expertise to fulfil domestic contracts too. With decades of shared experience across all aspects of electrical services, we’re the only company you’ll ever need for new installations and the upkeep of existing systems.

In this blog, we look at how we provide the complete service package for properties of every kind in and around Manchester, including:

• New Electrical Installations
• Ongoing System Maintenance
• Repair and Replacement Work
• 24/7 Emergency Callouts

Covering All Your Electrical Needs

New Electrical Installations
Are you planning to extend your current home, or convert the loft? Or are you finally in a position to start work on your dream new build? No matter what form your new wiring requirements take, you can rely on REE Contracting Ltd to complete them to NICEIC standards.

Whether we’re adding to an existing system or creating a new one from scratch, we ensure that the end result can comfortably meet all your needs. For example, our industrial electricians can install 3-phase power at your property if you need to run large machinery with a constant current supply.

Of course, as domestic and commercial electricians too, we have the skillset to meet any other requirement that involves new electrical installations and systems.

Maintenance, Repair and Replacement
While new builds hold undoubted appeal, most property owners in Manchester purchase a house or building that has existed for decades. This means that, unless previous rewiring has taken place, the electrical system has been in place just as long. No matter the quality of the original installation, electrical wiring will eventually degrade. Typical examples of this include fraying or a loss of insulation.

As a rule of thumb, the industry guidelines for periodic inspections are:

• Every 10 years for an owner-occupied home
• Every 5 years for a rental property

Put simply, when it comes to electricity, there’s no room for compromise. Failure to maintain or replace degrading or faulty systems increases the likelihood of electric shocks and fires.

From full and partial rewires to fault finding and spot fixes, REE Contracting Ltd covers all forms of maintenance, repair and replacement work. Whether you need us as a domestic, commercial or industrial electrician, you have complete peace of mind – our electrical installations meet the highest standards for workmanship, performance and longevity.

Emergency Services
While scheduled operations make up the bulk of the work we carry out in Manchester and the neighbouring regions, our company also provides a 24/7 emergency callout service. If you experience a sudden electrical fault at your home or workplace, simply get in touch with us and we’ll send someone out as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

As an industrial and commercial electrician, we get your business fully operational again. Our domestic team works just as quickly to restore normality at your home again.

For further insight into the kind of work we take on, please visit the Gallery page.

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