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Signs You Need to Call Out an Electrician

Have you noticed a change in your property’s electrical performance? Whether you own a family or rental home, a business property or an industrial premises, you simply cannot take any chances with electricity. Even a minor malfunction can cause a fatal hazard or start a fire. In fact, electrical faults cause around 27% of all fires in the UK. At the first sign of an issue with an electrical installation at your Leeds property, don’t hesitate to call REE Contracting Ltd.

Our team covers all aspects of electrical work in every sector. As both a commercial electrician and industrial electrician, we keep working environments safe and fully operational. Our domestic professionals tick every box for your home’s electrical needs too.

In this blog, we provide some of the most common signs that indicate it’s time to call our company for an onsite inspection. Some of the warning signs are not as obvious as you might expect, so it’s important to recognise issues as they develop.

Do Your Electrical Installations Need Professional Attention?

Flickering Lights
One sure-fire sign that your property has an underlying problem with its wiring is flickering lights. The extent of the flickering will dictate how bad the situation is. For example, if you have a single light playing up, a simple bulb replacement may suffice.

However, if your Leeds property has persistent flickering across multiple fittings, or you notice various lights blink when you turn another one on, it’s time to call REE Contracting Ltd.

Typical causes range from old wiring that has deteriorated over time to an overloaded circuit. The latter occurs if you run too many powerful appliances at once. You can schedule a site visit from one of our domestic, industrial or commercial electricians. During this appointment, we inspect your system to find and fix the fault at hand.

Tripping Circuit Breakers
It’s not unusual to experience a loss of power at one point or another. In some cases, something as simple as plugging in the kettle can cause a random circuit breaker to trip. As a rare occurrence, this isn’t usually anything to worry about. However, regular circuit breaker trips, and loss of power, are a common sign of a more severe problem with your electrical installation.

Circuit breakers that trip regularly usually point to an overloading of the electrical system. This means the circuit draws more current than it should. If you’ve noticed this issue at your Leeds property, our domestic, commercial and industrial electricians can help. First, we isolate the cause. Then we design and upgrade your wiring to prevent further trips from occurring.

Electric Shocks
It probably comes as no surprise that an electric shock, no matter how minor, is a huge indicator that something isn’t right with your electrical system. If you feel a minor shock when plugging in an appliance or flicking a light switch, something is likely shorting out. Electrical shocks of any kind are usually caused by wires fraying or losing their insulation.

You must never ignore an electric shock, even if it’s a small one. In time, it may lead to a more major shock, or even cause a fire. What’s more, you must never attempt to fix such an issue yourself. Always call out our domestic, industrial or commercial electricians for the required service.

And Many More…
We also recommend professional attention if your electrical installations in Leeds have any of the following:

• Too many extension cords
• A burning smell
• Warm power outlets
• A buzzing sound
• Sparks from plugs
• Wiring 20 years old or more

As a leading domestic, commercial and industrial electrician for the region, we can resolve any issues related to electrical systems.

Call 07581 739569 to talk over options for any of the electrical installation, maintenance or repair services we provide in Leeds and the surrounding areas.