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Why Your Business Needs Specialist Electrical Services

Do you need a dedicated commercial electrician for all your business’s requirements? Put simply, electricity is the lifeblood powering every modern workplace. This is as true for a small retail unit as it is a large office complex. From the lighting, appliances and computers to the security systems you set at night, electricity is almost always the preferred form of energy for business premises in and around Leeds.

As such, you must leave all electrical installation, maintenance and repair work in the hands of a proven, qualified professional. This is where the team at REE Contracting Ltd comes in. The results we produce can make the difference in keeping your company fully operational and, of equal importance, profitable.

In this blog, we examine some of the key ways in which we can benefit your business.

The Importance of Hiring Skilled Commercial Electricians

Safety First
When it comes to electrical installations, safety is always the primary concern. Like all businesses in Leeds or any other location, your workplace must comply with stringent Health and Safety standards. These regulations are integral in protecting your staff and customers from electrical hazards.

The best way to ensure your components and wiring don’t pose a threat is to work with a qualified electrician. At REE Contracting Ltd, all our staff hold Level 3 City & Guilds qualifications as a minimum. For the ultimate peace of mind, we are a NICEIC-certified company.

Lighting Installations
In commercial properties, lighting is one of the most common applications of electricity. This is because natural light typically isn’t consistent or sufficient enough to reliably illuminate building interiors.

Our commercial electricians are adept at finding effective lighting solutions. We can light up your workplace in line with any specification, ensuring optimal safety and productivity. You can also rely on us for all exterior lighting and electrical installations at your Leeds premises.

Keep Appliances and Equipment Running
Of course, electrical systems of any kind eventually wear out over time. To avoid unexpected downtime and disruption, you must have an ongoing maintenance and repair programme in place. Well-maintained systems are more reliable, efficient and cost-effective in the long-term.

With REE Contracting Ltd managing your electrical maintenance needs, you don’t have to worry about failing components and appliances, or blackouts. Our personnel regularly check your systems for faults, carrying out replacements or upgrades where needed.

Security System Installation
As the business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your place of work from theft, vandalism and unwelcome intruders. Because you’re likely not at your Leeds-based premises 24 hours a day, you must install a security device or system, be it access control solutions like magnetic locks and key-card doors, surveillance cameras or intruder detection systems.

Whichever option best suits your needs, it will almost certainly run on electricity. To ensure a safe electrical installation, as well as optimal performance day in, day out, look no further than the commercial electricians at REE Contracting Ltd.

And Any Other Need…
Just about every aspect of a successful business relies on safe, dependable access to electricity. However, this energy source is as complex as it is useful. For example, electrical systems in most buildings consist of:

• Lengths of Wire
• Fuses
• Relays
• Breakers
• Switches
• Controls

It’s imperative that your property has the appropriate setup to safely meet all your needs.

Whether you’re a business looking to optimise a commercial or industrial property, or a building contractor in need of a time-served electrician for your project, REE Contracting Ltd has the expertise and workforce to deliver tailor-made solutions.

Call 07581 739569 to speak with one of our commercial electricians about your needs in Leeds or any other location in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire or Lancashire.